Keeping heat out is the answer to your problems.

Thermo Shutter is an air curtain that is installed at the cold storage opening to keep the hot air from entering and cold air from escaping. Keeping the heat out and cold air in is the answer to the problems such as rising temperatures in the storage and rising costs.

Product Overview

  • Reduction in Power Consumption
    • Max. 50% reduction in summer condition, average 30% reduction can be expected yearly.
  • Minimizing Refrigeration Equipment
    • Min. 50% reduction in heat infiltration, minimizing refrigeration system equipment sizing.
  • Fewer System Defrost
    • Amount of frost buildup can be reduced. Fewer defrosting periods
  • Hygienic
    • The interior is always kept clean by keeping insects and dirt away.
  • Improvement in Product Quality Control
    • Lower changes in room temperature all year round. Prevention of insects or dirt from entering the space.
  • Reduced Safety Hazard
    • Maximum entrance visibility. Reduce slip hazards by preventing ice or moisture on the floor.


Dimensions W23.6″ x L12″ x H78.8″ ~ 157″
Standard Opening ~118″
Material SUS304
Voltage Rating 3ϕ 200V
Power Consumption 660W ~ 1,680W
Accessory Control Panel
Options Please inquire