Silver Oak’s

“Mayekawa’s assistance with equipment selection and engineering for the Silver Oak Winery project in Northern California has been superb, especially throughout the LEED and Living Building Challenge certification processes. Mayakawa products incorporate innovative and alternative methods for heat generation, that do not require burning fossil fuels (on site), which in my mind, is the future for this industry and a more responsible approach to engineering heating solutions.”

Takara Sake USA

“As far as my experience with Mayekawa, I would say it has been good. We have two Mayekawa systems here onsite, with a third on the way. Both of the current systems operate reliably. And when problems do arise, they are rarely serious. I would also add that Mayekawa does respond quickly, even without technicians based in this area. Additionally, overall system design—I would say—is excellent. A poorly designed system would be more difficult to operate, maintain, or repair and could potentially be a constant source of frustration or a drain on resources. Reliability is extremely important for us as we are not 24-hour operation. Our processes don’t stop at the end of the work day.”

Shinmei Foods U.S.A Corp

“I appreciate your continued support”