Cold Storage

Mayekawa has earned its reputation in cold storage by helping to engineer projects all over the world. Today, the cold storage is not merely storage, it has become a point of distribution for the goods it supplies.

Ice Arena

Your ice arena facility has always been facing many tough tasks. For over 30 years MYCOM has been there to help you get through these tough times.


The processes in beverage plants require tremendous amounts of both heat and cold energy. Deciding what is the most energy efficient system depends on the types of the products and the applications


In the production of the dairy products there are many heating and cooling processes. A large amount of energy is used to pasteurize, to cool, and to store the products.

Meat Processing

Meat Processors are continually facing though demands from both clients and government authorities. Level of hygiene impacts not only product safety but also shell life at the consumer level.


Increase performance of your HVAC system and utilize the least environmentally damaging system.

Solar Power

Since the dawn of time the sun has burned brightly and supplied the Earth’s inhabitants with more energy than they could consume.

Heat Recovery

Increase the performance of your refrigeration facility by capturing the heat of compression generated at your site.