Meat Processors are continually facing demands from both clients and government authorities. Level of hygiene impacts not only product safety but also shelf life at the consumer level. The facility requires significant amounts of energy in both steam and refrigeration. The quality of refrigeration impacts the quality of the product; therefore, more facilities are demanding lower temperature for freezing every year.

Securing good quality workers for processing lines is also an important key to good business practice. Due to nature of business, establishing a good corporate image is also crucial. The use of equipment that has less of an environmental impact is preferred but there is a balance needed to ensure a high ROI. Mayekawa offers innovative solutions to all above. It offers [NewTon3000] to refrigerate/freeze product using NH3 / CO2. De-boning is done by robotics such as [HAMDAS-R] and heating is easily obtained by our environmentally friendly CO2 heat pump and NH3 heat pump.