Premium Efficiency Line “M”

Mayekawa’s latest in the reciprocating compressor range the M-series has quickly grown in popularity, exceeding our expectations to be our most efficient and robust model yet. With the power of Mayekawa’s research and development department, we are pleased to introduce the new M-series compressor. This compressor was created to combat current soaring energy costs with the ability to reduce Kw consumption, while still providing the tonnage required. With efficiencies up to 20% better than conventional reciprocating compressors, and up to 30% better than mini screw compressors, the M-series has the power to reduce bottom line operating costs.

Articles – see how the M-series is revolutionalizing the ice arena industry

Capacity Range

The Established Industry Standard

MYCOM’s proven design in reciprocating compressors makes the W-series simple to service or overhaul at site; therefore, minimizing both overhaul cost and downtime. The W-series has time and again, proven its superiority in countless applications. It has set the standard for performance and durability in refrigeration for the past 20 years. Ease of operation and the simplicity of overhaul allow you to accurately determine your costs up front, cut down times to a minimum.

Capacity Range


The HK-series is made for high pressure. This compressor is used in CO2 refrigeration systems and in HN3 heat pumps. When using the HK-series compressor in CO2 refrigeration, it is not necessary to foresee a separate defrosting compressor, as the basic refrigeration compressor can also be used in defrosting mode. HK-series compressor heat pumps contribute directly to important energy savings. The heat pump can produce hot water over 80C with significant reduction of fossil fuels such as gas and oil. HK-series compressors can be used in a wide range of pressures and speeds and will directly contribute in achieving your plant energy reduction plan.


Introducing a new high pressure series of compressors that use natural refrigerants and reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. When using the HS-series compressor in CO2 refrigeration, this compressor can also be used for defrosting of the system up to 20C, in addition to the refrigeration duty. The heat pump can produce hot water up to 95C with reduction of fossil fuel consumption such as oil and gas.


Compact & Lightweight Yet Rugged

Designed specifically for, but not limited to, halo-carbon refrigerants, the K-series compressor can offer a wide array of services from industrial to commercial purposes. Developed with the same high quality consistency MYCOM compressors are famous for, they continually offer a long life with low operational and maintenance costs. A lighter, smaller, and cost effective range of MYCOM compressors. All K-series and units, including chillers, will fit through a standard doorway (36″ x 80″).

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Lightweight, High-speed Unit

A light weight high performance compressor well suited to accommodating loads normally reserved for a WB compressor. It’s an ideal choice for almost all applications and can be directly coupled to a 4 pole motor or diesel engine to create a small lightweight, high speed unit.