Efficient & All Natural NH3 Water/Glycol Chiller

With an environmentally conscious design, the Aura is a new wind in energy conservation. This chiller uses natural & sustainable refrigerants, NH3 being the primary source, has a COP of 4.16 and optimized VFD operation. The Aura has a sealed design due to the semi-hermetic motor and a welded design to minimize leakage. It also produces a low refrigerant charge by using a micro-channel condenser and NH3 water/glycol indirect cooling method.




Water/Glycol temp 20F to 50F (@95FDB)
Capacity @95FDB amb, 45F Water/Glycol 40.6TR  60.8TR  81.1TR
Operational ambient temp 0FDB to 110FDB
Power AC460V 60HZ 48HP  AC460V 60Hz 70HP  AC460V 60Hz 92HP
Compressor Reciprocating N4KHM Reciprocating N6KHM  Reciprocating N8KHM
Starter VFD AC460V 40HP  VFD AC460V 60HP  VFD AC460V 80HP
Condenser fans (6) 1 HP  (8) 1 HP  (10) 1 HP
Refrigerant NH3
Refrigerant charge 29 (82) lbs  32 (112) lbs  44 (162) lbs
Water/Glycol connection (2) 3″ threaded (2) 3-1/2″ threaded (2) 4″ threaded
Dimensions L125 x W69 x H102 L157 x W69 x H102 L189 x W69 X H102
Weight (empty) 9,000lbs 10,000lbs 11,000lbs


Product Overview