Plus Heat

Reuse waste heat. Cut energy costs.

Experience new levels of heat reclaim at reduced costs. Using the heat that has already been paid for and developed within your plant, the Mayekawa heat pump can turn that heat into savings. Waste heat will be a thing of the past.

“Natural” is what we design for…

Utilizing ammonia, which is a naturally occurring refrigerant, unlike the man-made or synthetic refrigerant alternatives, Mayekawa helps reduce your carbon foot print. The Plus Heat Pump can produce up to 80°C (176°F) water while returning an extremely COP to give you the ultimate in heat technology.


Compressor 725PSI / 5.0MPa reciprocating type 6HK
Capacity control 100-20% flexible control with VFD
Motor 100-175HP / 75-130kW x 4P with VFD
Power supply Main: 575 (460) V60Hz / Control: 220V60Hz
Condenser Shell and plate
Evaporator Shell and plate
Refrigerant R717 (NH3) (Charged: 155lb/70Kg)
Lubricant oil Mineral oil (Charged: 5.3gal/20L)
Net weight 7,940lb/3,600kg
Size [ft(mm)] L11.8 (3,600) x W3.3 (1,000) x H7.2 (2,200)

Product Overview

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