Mayekawa has long pursued natural refrigerant technology. Considering environmental issues such as ozone layer depletion and global warming, it is one of our efforts to help reduce CO2 emission and conserve natural resources. In essence, we are helping to create a sustainable society by delivering high-efficiency equipment using natural refrigerants. Natural refrigerants have a lower GWP (Global Warming Potential) than HFC, as well as zero ODP (Ozone-Depleting Potential), making them very environmentally friendly.

Natural Five

While advocating “NATURAL FIVE” and using the five natural refrigerants: ammonia (NH3), carbon dioxide (CO2), water (H2O), air and hydrocarbons (HC) with applications of heating, drying, hot water supplying, air conditioning, cooling, chilling and freezing, we can cover a multitude of temperatures from 392℉ to -148℉.
We have an intimate knowledge of the heat pump technology using renewable energies including water, air and ground heat as a heat source. We have not only improved the pump’s efficiency but contributed greatly to natural resources savings by utilizing natural heat and waste heat.
At the G8 summit in 2008, held in Toyako Japan at the newly constructed International Media Center (IMC), the chief matter at hand was symbiosis with the Environment. Not only was our NH3/CO2 cooling system “NewTon3000” showcased as the latest in environmentally friendly technologies, but also our cold water supply unit using HC as working fluid was adopted as the auxiliary heat source for the air conditioning system.
To live with nature’s bounty Mayekawa will continue to pursue technologies leading to an environmentally friendly future.

Temperature Ranges for “Natural Five” Applications